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Dear Friend,

I want you to take a few moments to sit down, and close your eyes and relax. Let yourself drift back a few years maybe 10… 15… or even 20 years when life was very different.

Do you remember when…

Your urge for sex was so out of control and all you could think about, all day long, was wild hot, totally uninhibited SEX? I bet in those days when it came time to have an erection, you were strong and potent enough to satisfy any woman.

Those were the times when you wanted to pump up your chest and biceps like Tarzan and it only took a few weeks in the gym! Boy, it was easy back then.

Do you recollect how you would jump out of bed early in the morning to put in a day’s work… and still manage to have enough energy to take care of business at home?

What happened? It seems somewhere along the line — around age 40 or 50 — things started to change for you. And everything you did became a chore.


"Just Give Me Ten Days… And I Guarantee You’ll Pack On Muscle…
Shed Pounds… And Supercharge Your Sex Life!"

Increase Male Stamina with Testomax to Increase Testosterone

Most of the men I treat in my practice suffer from the same problem — getting older! Whether it’s less sex… less strength… less energy… less intelligence… it all adds up to aging. And it doesn’t feel good!

So what if I tell you it doesn’t have to end up that way! How would it be if you could look and feel like a man 25 years younger?

It’s a big promise. I know. One you have every right to be suspicious of. But science and nature has given us the tools to possibly regain much of the lost masculinity that comes with age.

Inside your body — at this very moment — there is the biological potential of what I call: Male Rejuvenation. And I know how to tap into that potential with an unbelievable testosterone level boosting formula called TESTOMAX!

Now you don’t have to feel inadequate any more. Now you can enjoy the things you once loved to do. Now you can hold on to your manhood.

Testomax can make it happen. And I promise that in the first ten days you’ll notice a BIG difference in the way you look and feel. And in the months to follow Testomax will continue to deliver you a long, healthy, masculine life of strength… sexuality… and confidence.

Join The Thousands Of Men Who Are Replenishing Their Testosterone Stockpiles… And Regaining Their Manhood!

As a man there is nothing more powerful… more important… or healthy than the testosterone that is running through your body right now. Testosterone is what gives you your strength, confidence, virility, and energy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your youthful power back again and working for you fully?

My name is Mark Rosenberg, M.D. and I can assure you that I’m quite qualified to help you achieve this goal. As a medical doctor for over 20 years, I’ve been helping men with these exact aging issues.

Testomax developed by Dr. Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

In my Institute for Healthy Aging, we handle many of these male concerns on a daily basis. And if you walked into my office today I would probably tell you what I explain to every one of my male patients:

It’s not your fault that you might be feeling like you’re losing your game! Feeling less like a “man” is a common aging problem. But the good news is that I have been using a natural and safe protocol for helping to boost testosterone levels with many of my patients… and it works great… and it only takes ten days to notice the change!

Simply put, testosterone is what makes a man… a man! Boost your testosterone levels the right way… with the right supplementation… and not only can it replace your “love handles” with a masculine V taper, you can even turn that “spare tire” of a waist into washboard abs.

But that’s not even half of it — it will also give you bigger and harder erections, along with the drive and desire to put them to use.

And there’s even evidence that higher testosterone levels can help support bone density, balance your cholesterol health, and help maintain good cardiovascular health.

Stronger Stamina… Icreased Libido…
Improved Self Confidence…
Nothing Works Better Than Testomax!

Listen, it’s impossible for me to know if you have or have not used anything before to boost your testosterone levels. But from my experience and research most of the formulas in the marketplace today… don’t cut the cake!

They promise the world and deliver absolutely nothing.

That’s why I made sure that when developing Testomax, I’ve included what science dictates. The trusted and proven ingredients you find in my formula will get the job done!

It’s taken me several years to put the pieces of this testosterone puzzle together. But now I’ve been able to bring you an entirely new and amazing formula. Every man can benefit from a formula like Testomax. This powerful testosterone-boosting formula utilizes every proven nutrient to help restore your hormonal balance in proper ratio and help you regain your declining manhood!

Discovery Uncovers The Secret To Men’s
Sexual Potency & Virility!

It’s a fact that men will try just about anything to retain their manhood and sexual ability to sustain an erection. And sometimes even put their life at risk. But much of the problem lies in their physical inability to keep their testosterone levels elevated.

Until this discovery men had a limited amount of choices to boost their testosterone levels. The worst health decision would be to supplement with synthetic injections of testosterone which has been proven to be dangerous and expensive. The other option is to rely on ineffective herbal sex-boosting formulas that accomplish nothing besides wasting your money.

The one choice I don’t want you to make is simply doing absolutely nothing. No men should be denied sexual pleasure or a long healthy life!


Now You Have A Powerful… Effective… Natural Choice To Maximizing Your Manhood!

This breakthrough formula is the strongest testosterone booster you’ll find anywhere. These proven ingredients can restore your male hormones back to the levels that will restore your manhood and help you battle old age.

DHEA: The Super Hormone

This precursor to testosterone has been considered a significant nutrient to help support anabolic growth factors, increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, and sexual enhancement. By the time you’re 65 years old, your body only produces 10% of the DHEA that it produced when you were 20.1 That’s why supplementation of DHEA is so vital for experiencing lower stress, staying healthier, and living longer.

Increase Testosterone NaturallyTribulus Terrestris: Stamina Inducer

When restoring male virility and sexual stamina this ingredient has the ability to deliver enhanced stamina and erection-boosting qualities by stimulating the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your body and increasing the availability for more “free” testosterone.

Saw Palmetto: Prostate Saver

This berry has long been used to support good prostate health and help improve urinary function. As you age, free testosterone in your blood converts to DHT causing it to attach to prostate tissue and signals for more cell production. This overproduction of cells is what ultimately leads to an age-related enlarged prostate. Saw Palmetto works directly against DHT by alleviating this conversion and allowing the prostate to limit its pressure on the bladder and improve its ability to contrat and void urine.

Increase Your Male Sexual Stamina Fast & Naturally

Testomax Testosterone BoosterYohimbe: Erection Booster

Increased smooth blood flow to the male reproductive organ is essential for the erectile process to happen. This alpha-adrenoreceptor blocker nutrient helps reduce the effect of constriction of blood vessels often associated with age.

Yohimbe can support better blood flow to the corpus cavernosom of the penis and decrease blood flow away from the penis, stimulating longer lasting erections.2

Chrysin: Estrogen Eliminator

Unfortunately everything from pesticides to plastics and additives in the food you eat and the water you drink can cause the increase of estrogen. These chemicals directly interfere with your body’s production of testosterone and can contribute to hormonal imbalance contributing to factors such as: poor prostate health, weight gain, mood swings, and low libido.

It has been shown that the ingredient Chrysin can help to inhibit the aromatization of testosterone into estrogens.3 By blocking this enzyme you’ll get the anti-aging benefits of increase testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels.

Mucuna Pruiens: L-dopa Factor

Utilizing the compound called levadop (L-dopa) derived from the mucuna pruriens plant, your body can easily convert this nutrient into dopamine. This “feel-good” precursor has shown to help naturally increase your testosterone levels and improve sexual activity. L-dopa can also have a powerful effect on stimulating your libido and increasing your ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

Korean Ginseng/Gingko Biloba: Circulation Enhancer

When it comes to the erection process circulatory problems are a major factor. The effectiveness of an erection can be impaired by lack of blood flow to the penis. As a facilitator of increasing blood flow these two powerful extracts stimulate the release of nitric oxide (NO) to help signal blood vessels to dilate and send blood to the corpus cavernosum.

Muira Puama: Libido Stimulator

From the bark of a tree found in the Amazon River it has been discovered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Some researchers have called it one of the most beneficial herbs for sexual libido and erectile enhancers.

How Much Testosterone Do You Need… PLENTY!

Testosterone decreases with age, increase testosterone with Testomax

The simple fact is that untold millions of men — you could be one of them — are feeling and acting less like men than they want. They feel tired, irritable, overstressed, weak, and inadequate from lack of sex drive.

But it is also a simple fact that supplementing your body with natural testosterone boosting ingredients can help you regain your youthful masculinity. And there’s no better formula than TESTOMAX.

It’s no secret that as you grow old your body grows too… sometimes not the way you like. Love handles and potbellies suddenly appear like magic. Your skin starts to show signs of wrinkles. You notice unwanted age-related hair loss on the shower floor.

And what’s worse… the overflowing libido and the raging erections you enjoyed in your teens become only desired memories.

But Testomax can roll back the clock and have you feeling the T-Factor surging through your body again! With your Duracell-like human batteries recharged you can enjoy those rock-hard straight-up erections that you had in your 30’s and even 40’s.

Two Testomax Tablets A Day Is All It Takes to improve male stamina & energy!

Real Customers… Real Stories… Real Results!

Increase Testosterone with Testomax

“I was most interested in Testomax for stronger sexual feeling and desire. Since taking Testomax I have more frequent and stronger erections. It definitely adds a bit of zest to life and I was pleasantly surprised that the product was as advertised. I would recommend Testomax to others.”

– Lawrence C.• Panama City, FL

Increase Testosterone with Testomax

“It works. Since taking Testomax I have better erections and longer sex. My love life has improved and I would recommend Testomax to others.”

– Del J.• Erie, PA

Increase Testosterone with Testomax

“I was most interested in Testomax for the idea that I could increase testosterone. I have lost love handles, lost weight, improved stamina, less time to recover after exercise- since taking Testomax. I would recommend to others.”

– Keith W..• San Jose, CA

Increase Testosterone with Testomax

“What interested me most in Testomax was the claim of increasing strength and vitality, and to increase sex-drive. Since taking Testomax I feel 110% better and stronger since I have been taking Testomax. I swear by the stuff and my sex-drive has increased considerably. My girlfriend sure has noticed a huge difference! My sex-life has improved dramatically and I feel better and stronger. I would absolutely recommend Testomax and I have already told a good friend of mine about it and he is a regular user now. Please keep making this stuff!”

– Timothy T.• Portland, OR

Increase Testosterone with Testomax

“I was most interested in Testomax for controlling mood swings, more energy, sex drive, muscle growth. All of the above and then some has improved while using Testomax. I have better sex, less moody. Amazingly I am growing new hair (I have been losing my hair very slowly and have been gray for years, I'm 42) and it's turning back to brown in some areas. My muscle growth is amazing also. I have been working out for years and have never had this kind of growth and strength. I am happy with Testomax and would recommend to others. However I'm concerned about availability and the price is going up. It's truly an amazing product. Thank You Very Much!”

– Kevin M.• Medford, NY

Increase Testosterone with Testomax“I was most interested in the Testomax formula for its all natural ingredients. Safe, no side effects. Spontanious! While using Testomax I have stronger erections, numerous spontaneous erections. More confident. My hair is getting darker, not as grey? My workouts at the gym seem to be easier and I can see an improvement in my muscle tone. I no longer need to worry about performance anxiety. I take Testomax after breakfast with my regular vitamins and supplements, it is spontaneous. Within 3-4 days I "felt" an improvement in my sexual energy. After about 10 days the feeling reached a level I have not experienced in 15 years. I have recommended this product to the guys in my poker club and ALL have experienced similiar results. I am a 54 year old man, married to my wife for 33 years, and it brings me great joy to know that I can still please my wife at any time. Testomax has done this naturally. PS my first order was only 2 bottles, before I finished the first bottle, I reordered.”

– Lucas Wynrie • Columbus, OH

Experience The BIG Erection-Building Benefits Of Testomax!

Now you have what it takes to shock and awe someone you love tonight! Experience the erection-boosting benefits of using Testomax. You’ll have no more disappointment with this secret weapon. If you’ve been frustrated with equipment failure before, Testomax will give you the added testosterone levels to help maintain a healthy sex life. Look for yourself what this remarkable formula can do for your sex life.

Increase Testosterone with Testomax

Each tablet of Testomax provides well-researched ingredients that can deliver what you need… when you need it! As a medical doctor I know what it takes to make things happen. That’s why nothing was left to chance. Every dose contains every one of these nutrients: Levadop (L-Dopa), Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe, Chrysin, Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng and Zinc. I guarantee you’ll notice a BIG difference in the bedroom! 

For You To Achieve The Maximum Benefits Of Testomax…
I’ve Decided To Give Enough FREE Bottles To Carry You For Months!

How old do you feel right now?  How would you like to start feeling like you’re 10…15… or 20 years younger? Well, it’s now possible! Because Testomax is capable of delivering a surge to your testosterone levels well beyond the first 10 days… I’ve decided to make it easy for you to continue the amazing benefits for many months to come!

I believe it’s so important for you to continue on your quest for total manhood and sexual potency I’m willing to give you several months of Testomax for absolutely nothing!

There are no strings attached… you still have our full money-back guarantee and you get the FREE book too!

Can’t get much easier than that!

For any man this is not one health issue you can sit on… your masculinity depends on it! If you want to improve your sex life… boost your energy… knock off a few pounds… or simply naturally increase your muscle strength, then don’t wait for tomorrow! Take action TODAY and see the difference for yourself!

Increase Testosterone with Testomax - Buy Now

Increase Your Testosterone in Just TEN DAYS!
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Don’t let half of your testosterone be GONE by your 60th birthday. Now Testomax can make a difference in just ten days or your order will cost you absolutely Zero… Zilch... Zippo!

That’s right…Testomax is that effective when it comes to replenishing diminishing testosterone levels! If two tablets in ten days can’t super-charge your stamina and sexual performance, then simply return your unused portion of your order even if it’s the last pill in the bottle!

That’s how confident I am that Testomax will give you bigger, stronger erections and more bull-like stamina than you’ve ever thought possible, and to help prove it you can take 60 days to evaluate this incredible formula! No questions asked.

PLUS… if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, remember you pay NOTHING and a full refund will be immediately returned to you!

PLUS… you get to keep my book “Maximizing Your Manhod” as a thank you gift for trying Testomax!

This Is One FREE GIFT You Definitely Want…
And It’s Yours Just For Giving Testomax A Fair Try!

I'm so convinced that Testomax is going to change the way you feel and look for many years to come that I'm willing to give you my latest book "Maximizing Your Manhood" for FREE! That’s right, just by responding within seven days you'll get this amazing book… regardless of the size of your order!

This book is a far cry from one of those useless two page reports you always get. This is much more! It has over 25 pages of in-depth tips and techniques with everything you need to know on how to reset your aging clock and boost every aspect of your manhood!

Maximizing Your Manhood & Increase Testosterone with Testomax

Here's what you'll discover:

  • What medical tests are especially designed for men and how early diagnosis may mean a full recovery or can actually save your life….
  • The one factor in your health that can take the biggest toll on your emotional and physical state of wellbeing…
  • How a condition called "estrogen dominance" can be reversed to ward over some of the most serious health issues to man, including unwanted breast development…
  • The latest breaking news that both doctors and nutritionists are learning about your aging prostate and its affects on your longevity.
  • A "magic bullet" that will make a huge difference to your quality of health and how many more years you live. Surprisingly, this secret can be found anywhere!

No Need To Wait Another Moment!
Now Is The Time To Get What It Takes — For Maximum Manhood!

Don’t witness another day of feeling like you don’t have your “mojo” anymore. Losing your muscle tone… physical stamina… and erection power doesn’t have to be part of your plan for old age! You don’t have to settle for less or surrender to the fact of sitting around the house with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Let Testomax supply you with all the high-octane fuel you need to perform like a racecar again! Today is the day you can pump up your depleted testosterone levels and regain your lost assertiveness and confidence, everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom!

Don’t delay on your opportunity to get something for nothing! Call immediately or send in your order with the convenient prepaid return envelope and get your FREE bottles of Testomax!

Order within seven days and you’ll also receive a FREE copy of my book "Maximizing Your Manhood". I assure you this will be the best health decision you’ve ever made. Now you can finally restore your diminishing youth and live a life full of energy… confidence… and sexual prowess!

Sincerely yours,

Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

P.S. — Order today and don’t miss this incredible opportunity to receive FREE bottles of Testomax for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Plus receive a FREE copy of “Maximizing Your Manhood”… a must read for every male!

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Testomax™ should not be taken with MAO inhibitors or by persons with hypertension.

These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The U.S. Food And Drug Administration. These Products Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease.

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1 The T-Factor: King of Hormones, Almark Publishing 2005 Pg 51

2 Susset JG, Tessier CD, Wincze J, Bansal S, Malhotra C, Schwacha, MG. “Effect of yohimbine hydrochloride on erectile impotence: A double blind study. J Ruol 1989;141:1360-1363

3 Gambelunge, C. Rossi, R. Sommavilla, M. Ferranti, C. Rossi, R. Ciculi, C. Gizzi, S. Micheletti, A. Rufini, S. “Effects of Chrysin on Urinary Teststerone Levels in Human Males, Journal of Medicinal Food (4) 2003 387-390


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